National Safety Council Congress & Expo

Join National Safety Apparel® in Anaheim, CA October 17th to the 19th  as we join more than 14,000 safety professional from around the world for National Safety Council Congress & Expo. Network and engage with safety personnel from around the world, discover the latest technology and safety products, and gain knowledge with the educational opportunities.  The possibilities are endless!

National Safety Apparel®'s booth featuring TECGEN Select™ FR PPE will be located at booth #3440. Stop by and see our latest innovations!

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The Power of OPF

TECGEN Select™, a National Safety Apparel® brand, features one of the most innovative fire resistant (FR) technologies on the market. TECGEN Select™ harnesses the power of OPF (Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile Fibers), a precursor to Carbon Fiber, which is a common building material known for being lightweight, yet very strong. The patented OPF fiber blend that goes into TECGEN Select™ features a carbonaceous shell which provides exceptional thermal protection and strength. Beneath the durable shell is a visco-elastic core which provides flexibility and a soft hand. The end result is a unique inherently flame resistant fabric that is both comfortable and highly protective.
After protection, comfort has been rated by wearers as the #1 benefit of choosing TECGEN Select™. According to end user research, comfort is achieved by combining 3 performance characteristics: weight, breathability, and moisture wicking. Achieving the optimal balance of these 3 characteristics was the driving force behind the development of TECGEN Select™. This balance of high performance characteristics combined with the soft hand of OPF is what makes TECGEN Select™ so comfortable.
So, why does comfort matter when selecting PPE? Research shows that workers that are provided PPE and feel comfortable in it are more likely to wear it. It's light weight and high performance characteristics make Tecgen Select™ an ideal solution, especially for high temperature environments. The lightweight garments won't weigh down the wearer or trap in heat so even in warm weather the wearer can remain comfortable while keeping all closures secured.
A number of studies have shown that comfort is a major contributing factor to overall job performance. Wearing PPE that doesn't perform well can actually contribute to heat stress and fatigue which can be extremely dangerous if not quickly addressed. The high performance technology of TECGEN Select™ allows the body to perform its natural cooling processes rather than impeding them. These garments are the perfect solution to use in combination with other preventative measures, such as hydration, to reduce the risk of heat stress. The bottom line is providing workers with protective garments that are actually comfortable can lead to increased compliance and efficiency.
TECGEN Select™ is available in work shirts, coveralls, pants, and knit shirts. With readily available stock options, high performance technology, and Arc Flash and Flash Fire protection, TECGEN Select™ is the ideal PPE solution for a wide range of users.

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