Quick FAQ about FR Garments

We have curated a variety of frequently asked questions from our customers and hope these help expand your knowledge of FR garments.

Q: How long does the protection level of a FR garment last?

A: The only way to gauge the exact protection level in a FR garment is by testing per the 12,000+ American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Unfortunately, these type of tests destroy the garment in the process. We recommend choosing a FR manufacturer that labels clothing properly and guarantees the FR protection for the entire life of the garment.

Q: What can I do to reduce heat-related challenges when wearing FR garments?

A:  There are a number of things you are probably already doing e.g. regular breaks, hydration, rest in cool areas/shade. But one of the best ways to reduce heat stress is to specify FR that is lightweight, highly breathable and has moisture-management capabilities. Additionally, talk to your sales representative about the total heat loss of the garments you are interested in purchasing if heat stress is a concern.

Q: How should my flame resistant clothing be cleaned?

A: Every garment from different FR garment manufacturers is different, so sticking to the laundering instructions provided by the manufacturer is definitely important. For our garments, we recommend commercial laundering options to ensure proper care of your FR garments.  However, if you plan to clean FR garments at home, they should be washed separately from other clothing items using standard brand name detergents without chlorine bleach or fabric softeners.

Q: Can I use insect repellent on my FR garments?

A: According to flame-resistance tests performed by the Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC), there is a potential hazard with the use of DEET products on FR garments. DEET is a flammable substance and can lower the flame-resistant qualities of FR garments and can actually cause the garments to burn, posing a risk of injury to workers.

Have more questions? The TECGEN® FR team is comprised of flame resistant clothing experts with decades of combined experience.  Just click here and let us know how we can help!

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