FR Clothing: Why It Makes "Cents" (and dollars) For Apparel Dealers

I've been speaking recently with many folks in the apparel distribution business who have heard of FR Clothing, but don't sell it.  There's three primary reasons for a uniform distributor to consider dealing flame resistant clothing:  growing needs, growing awareness, and growing revenue. 

Growing Needs.  Since 2010, OSHA has levied fines in the oil & gas industry on companies who encounter accidents and whose employees aren't outfitted in flash fire resistant clothing.  When considering that the US Department of Labor is expecting 10% growth in jobs that require NFPA 2112 protective clothing, and the expansion of oil and gas drilling from North Dakota to the Gulf Coast - the market needs are growing at a steady rate. 

Growing Awareness.  The other growing segment of the flame resistant clothing market is manufacturing.  Manufacturing companies outfit their electrician, engineering, and maintenance personnel in FR, sometmes mistaken as "flame retardant" clothing.  Here, the safety concern is arc flash protection against momentary blasts of electricity that cause severe burns and in some cases, death.  NFPA 70E illustrates five levels of protection that FR clothing can provide.  A voluntary standard, it's been estimated that only 60% of the market is in compliance.  However, the awareness of arc rated clothing has increased steadily among safety personnel over the last several years and the remaining number of facilities out of compliance presents another opportunity for apparel dealers.

Growing Revenue.  Compared to medical apparel, hospitality, and non-FR work clothing flame resistant clothing is a much higher-end product in terms of cost.  To produce this clothing, manufacturers must invest heavily in testing to ensure fabrics meet the various standards.  US-based fabric, like TECGEN SELECT®, also brings higher cost due to using world-class facilities within our own borders.  With that said, dealers that are well-educated in FR clothing and can bring their expertise to the customer often have the most success earning larger revenue dollars per unit while still maintaining profitable margins.  A distributor intrested in selling FR clothing should learn as much as possible from manufacturers and their own resources alike.  Afterward, the market will take care of the rest!

TECGEN SELECT® provides expert flame resistant clothing education and training with a team of experts that have decades of combined experience in the FR clothing market.

-The TECGEN Talker

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The Evolution of TECGEN

Here at TECGEN®, Our mission of exceeding compliance standards and quality expectations for flame-resistant garments is woven into the TECGEN® fiber itself. The patented, bi-regional inherently flame-resistant fiber has a high density carbonaceous shell that absorbs incredible heat, yet allows the comfortable inside fiber to remain untouched. It also contains an acrylic core that allows the fiber to maintain good textile properties. The beauty of TECGEN® fiber is that the fiber can be blended or spun into normal textiles.

It started with TECGEN XTREME® non-structural turnout gear. Dual certified for NFPA 1951 (technical rescue) and NFPA 1977 (wildland firefighting), TECGEN XTREME® garments allow your body to maintain cooler temperatures, decreasing the likelihood of heat stress and heart attacks on the job. With three times the THL of turnout gear, XTREME protective apparel combats heat-related fire-fighting risks while providing the same protection as heavier gear.

Through our unwavering commitment, we expanded to offer garments to other relevant industries. Industrial fire resistant and flame retardant wear is classically regarded as bulky and uncomfortable; however, it is mandated wear in the electric, oil, and gas industries. So we put our premier fire-resistant fiber to work and wove a new blend that is changing the way every day wearers perceive personal protective gear. By combining light weight, fast moisture wicking technology and exceptional breathability, TECGEN SELECT® product lines are the next generation in quality industrial FR wear.

TECGEN SELECT® flame resistant clothing products are known for their low fabric weight, high garment breathability, and fast moisture wicking capability. The lightest product on the market dual certified for NFPA 70e HRC 2 arc flash protection and NFPA 2112 flash fire resistance, our apparel exceeds protective standards by utilizing the same high quality inherently flame-resistant fiber found in XTREME gear.

-The TECGEN Talker

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