5.5 oz Dress Uniform Shirt

5.5 oz Dress Uniform Shirt

The TECGEN® 5.5 oz Dress Uniform Shirt is light weight, inherently flame resistant, and dual-certified for NFPA HRC2 arc flash protection and NFPA 2112-2012 flash fire resistance.  This shirt will also help you meet new OSHA 1910.269 regulations.   

Garment features include:

  • ATPV = 8.0 cal/cm2
  • Banded, Top-Stitched, Button-Down Collar
  • Placket Front
  • Seven Button Closure
  • Pencil pocket
  • Available in Navy, Light Blue, Tan, Orange, Royal Blue, and Grey

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COMFORT: Unlike ordinary FRC's, TECGEN® garments don't require multiple washings to break in.   LIGHTWEIGHT: Our workwear is engineered to protect you without weighing you down.   DURABLE: The FR capability of TECGEN® workwear is built into the fiber itself. It will not wash out or wear away.
BREATHABLE: Managing the heat is easier when your workwear doesn't trap it in.   INNOVATIVE: TECGEN® fiber is an exclusive  material designed to meet or exceed the standards set for FR garments.   MOISTURE WICKING: Draws sweat away from the body to keep you cool.
Performance   Tecgen® Shirt Weight Fabric
ATPV   Min 8.0 cal/cm(2)*
  2X1 Twill
Tensile† lbs (warp x weft) 100 x 70
Tear Strength† Elemdorf - lbf ASTM D 1424-09 8 x 8
HTP (cal/cm^2) with spacer 12.8
  without spacer 9.9
Char Length ASTM D 6413-08 <4"
Flash Fire Exposure % body burn, (2 cal/cm(2)/sec 26%
Dimensional Stability AATCC 135 <3%
Thermal Shrinking   Pass, <10%
Fabric Weight oz/sq yd 5.5
  Grams/Meter 186
Moisture Wicking AATCC 197-2011 Wicking distance 2 min - 63 mm
    10 min - 121 mm
Breathability - Air Perm ASTM D 737 CFM/SQ ft (avg) 73
* Third-party testing conducted indicates that fabric meets the minimum requirements for HRC2.
† Results based on process averages.
Material Color Style
01 5.5 oz Shirt material
S1 Orange color shirt fabric
12 Khaki
13 Royal
15 Grey
16 Navy
19 Light Blue
20 Orange
02 Dress work shirt
Tape & Emblems Shirt Size
T Tape and emblems
CN Canadian style
13 Small
14 Small L
15 Small LT
16 Med
17 Med L
18 Med LT
19 Large
20 Large L
21 Large LT
22 XL
23 XL L
24 XL LT
25 2XL
26 2XL L

42 7XL LT