5.5 oz Womens Dress Uniform Shirt

5.5 oz Women's Uniform shirt
The 5.5 oz Women's Uniform shirt features the same lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking TECGEN® FR fabric, incorporated into a dress shirt designed for women.  We have been confirming our features like an open collar, proportional pockets, left-hand buttoning, and a feminine silhouette with women in the industry.  The result is a light weight woven women's shirt certified for 70E HRC2, and 2112-2012 flash fire.  This shirt will also help you meet the new OSHA 1910.269 Utility regulations.  

Garment features include:

  • ATPV = 8.0 cal/cm2
  • Spread point Collar
  • Pen/pencil slot in front pocket
  • Seven Button Closure
  • Adjustable button cuff
  • Permanent collar stays
  • Standard colors include -  Navy, Light Blue, khaki, and Grey

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COMFORT: Unlike ordinary FRC's, TECGEN® garments don't require multiple washings to break in.   LIGHTWEIGHT: Our workwear is engineered to protect you without weighing you down.   DURABLE: The FR capability of TECGEN® workwear is built into the fiber itself. It will not wash out or wear away.
BREATHABLE: Managing the heat is easier when your workwear doesn't trap it in.   INNOVATIVE: TECGEN® fiber is an exclusive material designed to meet or exceed the standards set for FR garments.   MOISTURE WICKING: Draws sweat away from the body to keep you cool.
Performance   Tecgen® Shirt Weight Fabric
ATPV   Min 8.0 cal/cm(2)*
  2X1 Twill
Tensile† lbs (warp x weft) 100 x 70
Tear Strength† Elemdorf - lbf ASTM D 1424-09 8 x 8
HTP (cal/cm^2) with spacer 12.8
  without spacer 9.9
Char Length ASTM D 6413-08 <4"
Flash Fire Exposure % body burn, (2 cal/cm(2)/sec 26%
Dimensional Stability AATCC 135 <3%
Thermal Shrinking   Pass, <10%
Fabric Weight oz/sq yd 5.5
  Grams/Meter 186
Moisture Wicking AATCC 197-2011 Wicking distance 2 min - 63 mm
    10 min - 121 mm
Breathability - Air Perm ASTM D 737 CFM/SQ ft (avg) 73
* Third-party testing conducted indicates that fabric meets the minimum requirements for HRC2.
† Results based on process averages.
Product Garment Design Level/Version Color
S Industrial S Shirt
C Coverall
WN Women's 001
12 Khaki
13 Royal
15 Grey
16 Navy
19 Light Blue
20 Orange
Size/Waist Body/Inseam
3S  XXX - Small
2S  XX - Small
1S  X - Small
SM Small
MD Medium
LG Large
XL X Large
2X 2XL
3X 3XL
4X 4XL
5X 5XL
6X 6XL
7X 7XL
8x 8XL
3S XXX - Short
2S XX - Short
1S X - Short
SH Short
RG Regular
TL Tall
XT X - Tall