FR clothing for Electric Utilities


ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE OSHA changes - labeled 29 CFR 1910.269 and 29 CFR Part 1926, subpart V?

TECGEN® FR clothing catalog | lightweight FR clothingWorkplace safety in the United States is always evolving.  Increased attention to utility worker safety is helping reduce and prevent workplace injury.   OSHA last issued rules for the "construction of transmission and distribution installations" way back in 1972. There are a number of items to include in your plan to comply with these new rules.

  • Timing: By Jan 1 2015, the employer must make reasonable estimates of incident energy.  The employer must provide protective clothing and other protective equipment meeting the arc-flash protection requirements of the final rule by April 1 2015.

When choosing garments for you or your team, remember that FR apparel does NOT need to be uncomfortable and hot.  TECGEN® brand FR garments achieve compliant levels of arc flash protection with light weight, moisture wicking, breathable fabrics.

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