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FR Workwear - Flash Fire

TECGEN® FR clothing catalog | lightweight FR clothingWorkplace safety in the United States is constatntly evolving.  Increased awareness and implementation of the NFPA 2112 Standard on Flash Fire Resistant Garments is helping reduce and prevent workplace injury.  Hundreds of deaths and thousands of disabling injuries still occur each year due flash fire explosions. Most of these could be prevented through NFPA compliance. 

NFPA 2112 provides the minimum design, performance, certification requirements and test methods for flame-resistant garments for use in areas at risk from flash fires.  The intent is to reduce the injury contribution of the garment to a burn injury by providing a degree of protection against a short-duration thermal exposure resulting from an accidental exposure to flash fire.

In 2007, NFPA 2112 revised the document scope to add references to NFPA 2113:  Standard on Selection, Care, Use, and Maintenance of Flame Resistant Garments for Protection Against Flash Fire.   NFPA 2113 is a useful resource to ensure you are maintaining your FR garments appropriately.

Thousands of every day wearers of Flame Resistant protective apparel complain about the comfort level of their FR Clothing.  FR apparel does NOT need to be uncomfortable and hot.  TECGEN® brand FR garments achieve increased levels of arc flash protection with lighter weight, moisture wicking, breathable fabrics.  Keep your team comfortable while specifying an appropriate level of protection.

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    Thermal Protection Clothing
Analysis System

  Test performed at NC State University
with coverall made from TECGEN® fiber.
Exposure Time: 3 seconds.
Exposure Heat Flux: 2 cal/cmˆ2sec.