"I really enjoy the fit of the shirt and the coveralls are very light compared to others I have worn"                                                                                                                             -Hasaan Hypolite, S&B Engineers & Constructors

"I wore the product in Texas humid heat and also in the Minnesota cold.  The product was superior to others I have tried."                                                                                      -Ahmed Wani, Safety Engineer

"I went out on a day when the temperature was above 90 degrees and they seem to be cooler than the FRC we're currently wearing"                                                                             -Michael Yancy, BP HSSE

"Unlike many FR fabrics that are cold in the winter and hot in the summer, I understand that TECGEN® is just the opposite.  It also performs significantly better in a flash fire.  I have been wearing and specifying FR clothing since 1988 and every vendor claimes that their FR fabric is the coolest and most comfortable.  I believe that TECGEN® is a fabric that finally lives up to that claim and outperforms the competition under fire."
-Joe Trapp, BP Upstream Global Projects, 01/31/2012

"When you work in a hot & humid climate like most of our fields in Texas and Louisiana, the idea of wearing any type of Fire Resistant Clothing is not a fun one.  In my role as Safety and Training manager for my organization, I was put in charge of implementing FRCs to all of our facilities.  Automatically I felt like the big bad safety guy, but the TECGEN® products quickly had me & my co-workers smiling.  This FRC product is the most comfortable, coolest and softest that I have ever worn.  We have been very pleased with not only the quality of the product but also the quality of the company.  Thanks TECGEN®!!"
-James Coulter Hilcorp Houston, TX 1/29/2012

"I want to take a moment to thank you for coming out to Colorado to assist me with the new launch of the TECGEN® product.  I have had a lot of interested people stopping in to see it.  The concern is with the traditional materials of other products, 7oz and 9oz coveralls and shirts.  The amount of people who end up passing out due to heat exhaustion is pretty significant.  The TECGEN® products are so light, not to mention the wicking capabilities, it certainly makes it a huge winner out here."
-Sue Tomkus (STJT Enterprises, LLC 0 Dba FR's for Less) Rifle, CO

"The TECGEN® shirt is much lighter and seems to breathe even as a new shirt.  It is much softer than what I currently use."
-D. Daniel Mastec

"TECGEN® is the lightest-weight fire resistant material available, according to Rogers.  The material has an added benefit of being moisture-wicking, meaning it wicks sweat away from the skin.  "It's not just fire resistant; it's also a uniform material people actually want to wear." 
-Sun Gazette Interview with Jody Rogers (Rogers Uniforms)